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Well you are here because, you want to learn, how to create a website of your own. There are tons of tools out there, that can help built a web site for you, were you don’t even need to know the underlying concept of web. You don’t even need the basic knowledge of Html and other scripting languages, you just need to follow the instructions given by those software tools to generate and get your web site up-running within minutes. Now arise a question, when such is the situation why do we need to learn the harder way, right?. For people who don’t want to put much time and effort to learn can choose the easy shorter way (i.e., choosing a automatic web designing software tools like Dreamweaver, Front Page etc) can skip the web language topics and jump directly to Dreamweaver section in this website.

I wish to mention one point here. Even if we use software tools to design websites, there will be arising situations were, we may need to alter the automatically generated codes based on the functional requirements of our website. In such situations we need to have atleast a basic knowledge on building a website manually. The purpose of this website is to teach people who are interested to start from scratch by understanding the under lying concept and then building a website of their own. All I can assure you is, at the end you will be very much capable of building your own website from the ground-up, without any external help like a professional website developer.

You will be having one more question to me. When enough resources are available in the World Wide Web what is the need of this web site, right?. Well, it is true more than enough web resources are available in world wide web for creating websites. But was that all available in one place? If so, are they all guided properly to interlink different languages and scripts in a  way we can understand with ease?. I spend couple of years to learn web languages and scripts like Html, CSS,  XML, Php, CGI etc. I found plenty of resources in web, but not all I needed was available in one place. In some places I found most together, but not guided or arranged in as orderly way. Also the explanations are too complex, which is understandable as resources related to web languages and scripts are purely technical. There were lots of confusions in mind. So, I setup this website with the intention of making enough resources available in one place in a guided way, plus more practical oriented, which is  made possible with the help of tutorials. Enough care is taken to make sure explanations and  tutorials are explained in a best possible and simple way, without getting much complicated.

Doubts and confusions are natural for Newbies, so whenever there are doubts please mail me your queries. I will be happy to clear your doubts. I am bound to answer all your questions and if I cant, I will refer or get answer's from someone who is capable and mail you back. You can mail me your queries at satheesh2006net@gmail.com .

So from were do we start now? Well, the best way to start is from Html then CSS, XML and scripting languages like Php, asp.net and databases like My Sql, Sql server etc.

Note : Guys i tend to make hell a lot of mistakes, when I write as I dont have much experience before. So, please bear with me, if you find any mistakes here, dont hesititate to point out the mistakes by mailing me. I would really appreciate that.